A journey through our learning environments – Schulverlag plus at Swissdidac 2023

Schulverlag plus warmly welcomes visitors on a journey through its education and learning environments. At our booth, you can fully explore …

… the MATHWELT teaching aid – aimed specifically at mixed-ability and mixed-age maths classes …

… SPRACHWELT 1 & 2 – the first universal German teaching aid, which allows pupils to delve deeper and explore as they learn the language, encourages guided and independent learning and supports collaborative methods of learning …

… WeitBlick NMG – the digital and analogue teaching aid, which combines the various areas of competence in multi-perspective learning packages …

… and whet your appetite for cooking and baking with the newly revised Tiptopf.

There’s so much to experience on Switzerland’s beautiful hiking trails – and the same is true of the multifaceted journey through our education and learning environments. Prepare to be surprised!

Experience and test our teaching materials live at our booth. With professionals from various disciplines on hand, you can be sure that your visit will be instructive and creative.

Visit our booth – and venture into our education and learning environments.

You’ll find us in hall 3.2: we look forward to welcoming you!

the Swissdidac & Worlddidac Bern
20 - 22 November 2023

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